About The Studio

Lovely World Sound is a small production and mixing studio, situated in the town of Ebeltoft in Eastern Jutland, Denmark.

The studio is owned and runned by me, Anders Bau, a soundengineer, music-tech teacher, producer, singer-songwriter and composer.

All mixing and mastering are done ITB (in the box) in Lovely World Sound these days, using high grade quality software, great hardware, good ears, and 30 years of experience. See Geartalk for further gear listing.

Besides producing and mixing local acts, I am running an online mixing service, and want to reach out and work with clients worldwide.

I´d love to produce or mix your next release, hit or demo! Check the Online Mixing Service, Audio Examples and Services & Prices for more information.

SPL Passeq EQ
Pro Tools
Brainworx “Black Box”
Brainworx Amek Channel

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