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Make your music stand out!

In today’s “music on-demand” world, where everyone is releasing their music to a huge market (often recorded on low budgets) – it is even more crucial than ever, that your music shines and stand out to compete – both on the songwriting/arrangement part AND on the production/mixing side.

You have done all the songwriting/arrangement, recording and production – now, let me handle the mixing!

You can find some examples of mixes in different genres, mixed and mastered by me in Lovely World Sound on the Audio Examples page.

Prepare your audio

Be absolutely sure, that your audio sounds excately as you want it to. Remove anything that you don´t want present in the mix. Go through each track in solo and listen very carefully.

Vocals: We do want the breathing – otherwise it will just sound unatural, but clicks, background sounds, coughing, swearing, smacking, gargling, snoring, talking – get rid of all that (unless it is supposed to be there).

Guitars: Listen for string noise, hum, clicks, pops, etc. Stomps when switching pedals? Noise from bad knobs and pick-ups. Be sure that you have recorded the best possible signal. Se my recording tips and tricks.

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Export as separate tracks

All files must start at exactly the same time, and have the excact same length.

Important – Before you start exporting tracks: Remember to BYPASS all plugins and sends on each channel. Disable or erase all automation and reset fader (unity gain) and pan-knobs (for mono tracks: dead center, for stereo tracks: hard left-right (if split stereo pan), otherwise: dead center).

Only exception from the plugin bypass, is when the plugins are a crucial part of that tracks “sounddesign” (like a auto/stepfilter on a synth, a GLITCH, Granular or FRACTURE)

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Contact me for a turn-around

So, how long will it take before your mix is ready?

Normally, the estimated turnarounds will be as stated below – but I can be busy at times, so contact me before ordering for a solid deal.

Mixing, Up to 10 audiotracks: 1 working day.
Mixing, from 11 to 48 audiotracks: 2 working days.
Mixing, from 49 to 96 audiotracks: 3 working days.

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Send your files

Via my Wetransfer – on this link:

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Make a payment via Paypal to:

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I mix

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The Final Mix

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