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Lovely World Sound is also a record label, primarily releasing material for Anders Bau projects and bands where he participate as artist, musician & songwriter.


Lovely World Sound Artists:


The artist formerly known as “JUNI”. The Aarhus based Danish band did a lot of touring, writing and recording back in the 00´s. Under the new name Musiknonstop, they have released old but formerly unreleased songs on the EP “I Al Slags Vejr” on Lovely World Sound – with much more to come in the future!

Musiknonstop is:
Anders Bau: Leadvocal, backingvocal & Keys. Steffen Lundtofte: Leadvocal, backingvocal & guitars. Mikkel Boel: Guitars. Kim Laursen: Bassguitar & backingvocal. Trygvi Restorff: Drums. (Niels Lindberg plays drums on the old material from JUNI)

Behind The Machine

“Behind The Machine” is the latest solo project from danish singer/songwriter and producer, Anders Bau. The blend is progressive pop/rock´ish with a darkened edge, catchy melodies with strong messages and powerful electronica elements. Always with a distinct focus on the story that the music tells.

There´s an album on the way – watch out 2023!

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Anders Bau

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